Growing Semiconductor Technologies in Solid State Q.C.

Quantum Computing is based on physical materials that deal with very low temperature close to absolute zero, today, in order to increase abilities of Quantum Computers and to make them more convenient, the most important question is to handle is temperature problem. Semiconducting materials are the best choices to solve low temperature problem by approaching … Continue reading Growing Semiconductor Technologies in Solid State Q.C.

I. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Why there is such thing called Quantum Mechanics ? Since the classical Newtonian physics fails while considering behavior of a system; that is very small, that travels very fast, that subjects very strong gravity etc. in early 1900's German physicist Max Planck publishes his study "the effect of radiation on a blackbody substance" and introduced … Continue reading I. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

VII. Asymmetric Cryptography: Overview

Invention -Asymmetric Key Cryptography The main idea on the development of Asymmetric Key Cryptography, was to avoid two problems, key distribution and digital signatures. Although it was first discovered by M. J. Williamson who worked under GCHQ, his work was kept secret. Few years later, it was first published by W. Diffie and M. Hellman … Continue reading VII. Asymmetric Cryptography: Overview

VI. Operation Modes For Block Ciphers

Why there are Operation Modes for Block Ciphers ? Simply, operation modes are methods that allow the safe use of a block of passwords under a single key. They were created specifically for use in encryption and authentication. Although they are associated with symmetric cryptography, in theory, they can also be used in public key … Continue reading VI. Operation Modes For Block Ciphers

DES Python Script

To use below python code, copy & paste to any text editor (e.g. Sublime Text) as a python file. Then, all you need to do is to run on your command line or terminal (Pyhton3 needs to be installed). Have Fun ! #DataEncryptionStandard Encryption Protocol Python(3.6) Implementation by otapsin for CryptoQuantus. #Adapted from, """" #Initial … Continue reading DES Python Script

V. 2,3-DES & AES

2-DES (Double) Double-DES has two different encryption phases with two different keys (K_1, K_2) such that: Ciphertext (Encryption): Enc (K2, Enc(K1, P)) Plaintext (Decryption): Dec(K1, Dec(K2, C)) Meet in the Middle Attack Meet-in-the-middle is a known plaintext attack, that targets block cipher cryptographic functions, relies on exponentially reducing the number of brute force permutations required to … Continue reading V. 2,3-DES & AES